An easy way to Automate your UI Testing without the programming skill

Scrum isn't easy, but it's effective. One of the things that teams struggle with is getting production ready code. This fails for many reasons, backlog items are to big, team doesn't understand how to break down features and the team doesn't have any automated testing in place.

Developers need to find a way to automate their testing and learning techniques like Test-Drive Development or Behavior-Driven Development.  Both which can be implemented in both the back-end and the front-end code.

One team, I work with also automates the UI testing. One tool they use, and include as part of their Definition of Done for every feature, is to build a test automation script using Ghost Inspector. It's not our product but we also use it at times, and it works well. It lets you record your UI sessions and then it will automate the playback and check for differences. It can operate behind secure screens as well because you can chain tests together. It's ideal for a product in which the UI shouldn't change often.  

We typically don't always use this product, as we like to lean on Jasmine or other front-end UI automated testing tools, which test the code, but GI is good because anyone can create them but just completing the steps and recording it.

Check it out,