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Our Company Leaders

Fred Mastropasqua.png

Fred Mastropasqua


Fred Mastropasqua is a Co-Founder of ClearlyAgile, Managing Partner of Synuma, LLC, and the only Certified Scrum Trainer based out of the Greater Tampa Bay region. He boasts over 25 years of IT experience building enterprise-level business applications, both infrastructure and software development, in roles such as Director of Application Development, Senior IT Manager, Software Engineer, ScrumMaster as well as Agile Coach and Trainer. Fred is a selfless leader and persistent problem solver that thrives on devoting time to each team member’s development and creating innovative solutions. When leading enterprise transformations, he coaches leadership on effective portfolio/product management and scaling techniques, mentors Agile professionals, and trains development teams on successfully implementing the Scrum framework. As a trainer, he leverages cognitive science, making classes exciting, collaborative, and engaging. Clients relish his hands-on approach to creating custom business applications for both cloud and mobile platforms and his product visioning for Synuma SaaS. Fred currently holds several certifications in the areas of Agile, Scrum and Scrum@Scale, Software, and Networking and is consistently adding to his expertise.

Rod Patane.png

Rod Patane


As president of ClearlyAgile, Rod Patane focuses on business strategy, operational growth, sales, recruiting, and finance. His strong understanding of the technology industry helps Rod identify progressive solutions and anticipate customer needs. His holistic leadership stance is distinct at every touchpoint: Rod supports his team members, listens to client needs, and ensures business initiatives align with ClearlyAgile's mission and vision. Additionally, Rod excels at coaching companies – whether established or startup – by evaluating leadership, pinpointing current and future needs, and identifying areas of enhancement/redirection to maximize revenue. Before joining CA, Rod served as President, SVP, COO, and CSO at numerous software and services companies, while leading transformations, driving business development, and diversifying value streams to generate multi-million-dollar revenues.

Edmund Gorski.png

Edmund Gorski

Vice President of Engineering

Ed is a co-founder of ClearlyAgile and an Enterprise Solutions Architect with over 19 years of experience designing and developing complex business systems. He has been involved in a number of different industries ranging from education, healthcare, government and law enforcement to retail, commercial software and eCommerce. He is extremely focused and dedicated to listening to customers and providing them with solutions that exceed their expectations. Whether it’s mobile, web, desktop or enterprise integration work, Ed, as Vice President of Engineering, spearheads the initiative and helps guide our various teams to success.

Jeff LaFavors.png

Jeff LaFavors


Jeff is a Partner at ClearlyAgile bringing over a decade of experience in enterprise-level solution architecture to the team. He provides expertise in Cloud migration, as well as Software & Database Architecture. Originally from Michigan, Jeff moved to Tampa in 2005, and has worked with technology in industries such as Retail, Real Estate, Health Care, and most recently Oil & Gas. His initiative, work ethic and talent served him well as the 4th member of an Oil & Gas software start-up that sold in the millions. Jeff enjoys learning and experimenting with new technologies, as well as solving complex problems. His leadership skills, professional expertise, and team building talents make Jeff an exceptional and valued asset to the team.


Our Great Team Members

Collette Legault.png
Collette Legault

Operations Executive Assistant

John Pilch.png
John Pilch

Director of Business Transformation & Operations

DeeDee Griffin.png
DeeDee Griffin, CSM

Talent Acquisition Leader

Robert Shaw.png
Robert Shaw

Executive Agile Coach

Laisa DeAlmeida.png
Laisa DeAlmeida

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach & Trainer

Chris Corbin.png
Chris Corbin

Director, Data Engineering, Data Warehouses, Analytics and Visualization

Theresa Gorski.png
Theresa Gorski

Scrum Master & Operations

Rachel Schumacher.png
Rachel Schumacher

Scrum Master

Michelle Kingry.png
Michelle Kingry

C# Programming and SQL Databases

Bryan LaFavors.png
Bryan LaFavors

DevOps, CICD, .NET

Mark Carpenter.png
Mark Carpenter

Scrum Master

Zoty DeLaMota.png
Zoty DeLaMota

Data Engineer

James Hagist.png
James Hagist

Data Engineer

Tiffany Toliver.png
Tiffany Toliver

P.E., LEED AP, Subject Matter Expert, Product Owner, Client Representative

Mile Miller.png
Mike Miller

Enterprise Agile Coach, SAFe certified

Ashley Hintzen.png
Ashley Hintzen

Scrum Master

Vicki Braun.png
Vicki Braun

Scrum Master

Hemant Om Patel.png
Hemant "Om" Patel

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach

Pasha Kasimov.png
Pasha Kasimov

Angular, Javascript, Front-End Programming, C# and Performance Improvements

CA Team Profile - Tricia (Updated).png
Tricia Barnes

Product Owner

Dottye Stewart.png
Dottye Stewart

Scrum Master

CA Team Profile - Jonathan.png
Jonathan Frazier

Team Member

Yolanda Martinez.png
Yolanda Martinez

Agile Coach

Aaron Howard.png
Aaron Howard

Data Engineer

Shellie Davis.png
Shellie Davis

Business Analyst

Brian Kingsbury.png
Brian Kingsbury

Business Analyst

Gabriel De Mayo.png
Gabriel De Mayo

Data Engineer

Michael Haubenstock.png
Michael Haubenstock

Full Stack Developer

CA Team Profile - Roberto.png
Roberto Aballe

Sr. Software Engineer

Charles Dalesch.png
Charles Dalesch

Full Stack Developer

CA Team Profile - Zev.png
Zev Butler

Full Stack Developer

CA Team Profile - Patti.png
Patti April

Scrum Master

Denise DuPont.png
Denise DuPont

Scrum Master

Camerin Cabrera.png
Camerin Cabrera

Synuma Customer Support

CA Team Profile - Bob V.png
Bob Vogel

Team Member II

CA Team Profile - Jamie.png
Jamie Leatherman

Scrum Master

CA Team Profile - Megan.png
Megan Balderson

Agile Coach

CA Team Profile - Thomas (2).png
Thomas Green

Team Member III

CA Team Profile - William.png
William Kremner

Chief Product Owner

CA Team Profile - Caurie.png
Caurie Waddell

Scrum Master

CA Team Profile - Robb A.png
Robb Allen

Team Member

CA Team Profile - Brian O.png
Brian Orlando

Team Member

CA Team Profile - Melissa.png
Melissa Parkhill

Scrum Master

CA Team Profile - Emmanuel.png
Emmanuel Toledo

Team Member

CA Team Profile - Ivy.png
Ivy Woodroffe

Team Member

CA Team Profile - Taras.png
Taras Stetsko

Team Member

CA Team Profile - Felix.png
Felix Chai

Team Member

CA Team Profile - Brent.png
Brent Breaux

Agile Coach

CA Team Profile - Ed_Martin.png
Ed Martin

Director of Agile Delivery

CA Team Profile - Justin.png
Justin Russo

Team Member

Jessica Diehl

Scrum Master