Join a team of professionals who are passionate about their work, love cross-training and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.  We care about our developers by fostering an environment that they can thrive and providing them the tools and training necessary to get the job done.  We are looking for serious developers that are eager to expand their knowledge of new and existing technologies such as AngularJS 1, Angular 2, Javascript, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, Xamarin, iOS Swift, Objective-C, Android, Java, WebAPI, Azure, C# and Entity Framework.  You will be working in a highly open and collaborative environment, Pair-Programming and following a Scrum methodology. Our team is a place where we encourage self-starters, and everyone’s ideas are heard and valued!
What we’re looking for is someone who is willing to learn, open to new ideas and not be stuck in their old ways.  This position focuses on designing and developing solutions for our new and existing projects.  A candidate can be successful in this position if they exhibit:
•    Passion for the work they do
•    Hands-on building large-scale enterprise systems
•    5+ years using .NET, C# experience or some other enterprise server technology
•    AngularJS or equivalent framework or solid JavaScript experience a plus
•    A Computer Science degree or background
•    A personality and work style that fits with an agile mindset and culture
•    A willingness to Pair Program and use a Test Driven Development methodology
•    Commitment to working in the office every day, no remote work.
•    Desire and willingness to work on new skills and technologies
•    Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
What you’ll be doing is working on various client-facing and internal-facing projects. Every client has different needs that often require the adoption of new technologies and methods. Sometimes you’ll be working alone but a lot of the time you’ll be working alongside and pairing side-by-side with another developer. Those job duties include:
•    Design, develop and test features on new and existing projects
•    Working on C#, WebAPI and AngularJS platforms
•    Learning and working with iOS and Android mobile applications.
•    Learning and working with Xamarin cross-platform mobile applications.
•    Provide recommendations and evaluations of new designs and solutions
•    Develop a well-tested, high performance, scalable SAAS application
•    Stay current on new technologies and best practices
•    Pair-Program with another colleague
•    Work in technologies in which you are unfamiliar and learning it as you go
•    Solve advanced programming problems with minimal supervision

Historic Ybor City, Tampa area.

Clearly Agile, Inc. is a Tampa, Florida-based software development shop that is passionate about quality and working with others who are passionate about getting the job done right. We are focused on working in the office side-by-side as a team while providing a proper work/life balance. We are serious about the Scrum process, and we develop working production software every two weeks for various clients. 

Our Mission: We will forge long-lasting partnerships with our clients, focusing on delivering business value quickly while never compromising on quality.

Our Values:
•    Never compromise on Quality.
•    Promote Cross-Functional team members.
•    Be a Guide for our clients.
•    Work for the Team over yourself.
•    Embrace Change and be clearly agile. Pun intended.
We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to a diverse workforce.