Using the Core Values of Scrum

By Zach Chapman - November 9, 2018

Using the Core Values of Scrum
November 9, 2018 By Zach Chapman

Using the Core Values of Scrum

It was back in 2001 that a group of software developers came together to create the Agile Manifesto.  There are core values that went with the Agile Manifesto.  From there, Scrum creation took place.  Along with Scrum came five of its core values.  The development of these values is the foundation, the base for every single thing a Scrum team does regarding their process and how they interact with one another.  Let us get into each value in detail.


Every single member of the Development Team needs to have focus.  The focus has to be on the goals of each Sprint and of the overall development objective.  When you have focus on the work of the Sprint within Scrum, the overarching goals become more achievable.  

Using the Core Values of Scrum

It is on the entire team to maintain focus.  The Scrum Master has to facilitate the Agile Events.  The Product Owner has to keep the product backlog, ensure the higher priority items make it to the top.  The team also has to execute based on the User Stories or work they commit to within each Sprint.  Focus allows for success to occur.


The Development Team, along with the stakeholders, have to be completely open.  Open and honest communication across the board is essential so that the team can do their work the very best way.  

When the Development Team is carrying out their work, enduring challenges, they have to talk through them as they occur.  If they reach a fork in the road, the Product Owner has to work with stakeholders to determine the best path forward.  It is essential for transparency for Scrum to be successful.


The Development Team is going to self-govern.  They are going to come up with what works for them concerning achieving value.  Working agreements will form and from those, will include respect for one another.  Every member of the team has to respect all other members to be individuals that are independent and fully capable of executing on their tasks.


Courage is essential when it comes to Scrum and achieving success through each Sprint.  The Development Team members have to have lots of courage as they take on new tasks.  With each User Story, they intend to complete. They need to figure out the best way to execute successfully.  

Ethical decisions need to be made by the team members, and it takes courage to do the right thing, every time.  Tough problems will come up as part of every development effort, and it is vital to show courage to persevere.


It is critical to commit to the Development Team every step of the way.  You all come together to plan out the Sprint, to commit to work outlined in the sprint backlog.  Once that takes place it is up to each member of the team to commit to getting work done, as they expect.  Individuals need to commit to achieving all of the goals of the Development Team.  

Scrum has a focus on the five principals we detail.  When the Development Team keeps these principals top of mind, they will be able to achieve their Sprint goals and enjoy the benefits Scrum brings to each project.