Software Development Infographic

By Fred Mastropasqua - October 10, 2016

Software Development Infographic
October 10, 2016 By Fred Mastropasqua
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Software Development Infographic

Over at toggl, they have a great infographic showing how you might build a car using waterfall vs. scrum vs. kanban vs. lean. We liked it a lot that we wanted to share.  Also, try out their time-tracking tool, it's great, free and very easy to use.


There're a couple of spots in this software development infographic that I’d like to point out. 

In the waterfall area, I still find that customers want a Ferrari but have the budget of a bicycle. 

With the agile mindset, check out how the customer now has a baby strapped to him and want's a car that has more room now. 

The scrummaster jumping from his tower to impale the product owner bringing over some "actually, could we...." protecting the team.

The M.V.P. in the Lean section. When we build products for clients we try and keep them close the M.V.P. as possible. It's a challenge at first as they want everything possible. However, once they see us deliver the product every two weeks they have that "a-ha" moment and realize they don't need it all right now. Build the m.v.p., use it, build some more.