Scrum Alliance embraces Jeff Sutherland's Scrum@Scale

This is great news! The Scrum Alliance has announced this week at the 2018 Global Scrum Gathering in Minneapolis that it now has a partnership with Jeff Sutherland's (the co-founder of Scrum) Scrum@Scale.  I look forward to teaching and helping teams embrace Scrum@Scale over other prescriptive techniques. 

An excerpt from Eric Engelmann, the Scrum Alliance Board Chair, "It is rare that two organizations with such a strong preexisting alignment in values come together to build something like this. As Jeff says, our mission is promoting good Scrum. We’re even stronger doing that together, with our community of the world’s most experienced coaches and trainers. "

Scrum@Scale is designed to scale across the organization as a whole: all departments, products and services. It can be applied across multiple domains in all types of organizations in business, government or academia. The science of scaling Scrum across organizations is still emerging and the techniques and practices are still being created. The guide itself is open source, and available on GitHub for our community to lend its expertise and learning. 

I look forward to teaching everyone what I think is the best scaling scrum framework out there.