Real World Examples of Project Status and Updates on an Agile Project - Webinar

I get often asked when I work with people or teach a class how to show real progress on an Agile project. Roadmaps, Release Burnup's, Velocity, how to answer questions on delivery. We build products for external clients using Scrum and will show people how we visualize progress sprint by sprint for our customers. Showing how velocity changes, roadmap, release plan changes and most importantly how customer feedback has affected the release date. This isn't hypothetical talk but real world experiences and conversations.

However, first I will start out with showing the old ways of doing things with Gantt charts. Why the traditional way doesn't work. Comparing the Green, Yellow, Red method and how it doesn't work. The roll that into the better, agile mindset of delivering questions like when will be done, what will we get and how we communicate good and bad news to our clients.

Here is a pdf and a copy of the power point if anyone's interested in it. Also, if you want the excel templates for the Release Burnup or my version, Fred Mastro's Feedback Release Burnup, you can find download links here.