Clearly Agile featured in the Tampa Bay Times

By Fred Mastropasqua - December 11, 2016

Clearly Agile featured in the Tampa Bay Times
December 11, 2016 By Fred Mastropasqua

Clearly Agile featured in the Tampa Bay Times

We were featured in the Tampa Bay Times on December 11th 2016. 

Fred Mastropasqua and Edmund Gorski started their software company, ClearlyAgile, from the desks they rented at CoWork Ybor.

"As our company started growing, we realized we needed to create some kind of workplace culture," said Mastropasqua, president of ClearlyAgile. "It was hard to learn the kind of work we do from home." He said they liked the laid back, but creative, atmosphere there. Plus CoWork Ybor is attached to the Blind Tiger Cafe, a perk for meetings and for free drip coffee.

They started part-time, working from the shared office space on Seventh Avenue in Ybor City two days a week. After six months, their company had grown so much that they rented an upstairs office.

Being part of the cowork environment also led to new business for ClearlyAgile, Mastropasqua said. "We met a guy who worked in a totally different industry who needed software developed," he said. "It was a great place to network and collaborate."

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