Azure Databricks Cloud Services

We all have seen great initiatives of products come out of Berkeley AMPLab. Today, I am dedicating this Blog to one of my favorite products in Big Data Processing realm and how a partnership like no other is bringing us a Big Data Service worthy of consideration.  Of course, the product is Apache Spark and the partnership is between the big tech titan Microsoft and Databricks. 

Spark was born in Berkeley AMPLabs and it was created by Matei Zaharia in 2009.  Shortly thereafter, it became an open source project under a Berkeley Software Distribution license.  In 2013, the software was donated to the Apache Software Foundation and the license was changed to Apache 2.0.  In February 2014, Apache became a Top-Level project and by November 2014 Apache Spark was used by the engineering team at Databricks to set a world record in large-scale sorting. 

Databricks is a company founded by the creators of Apache Spark and, as previously mentioned, they partnered up with Microsoft and brought Azure Databricks Cloud Services to beta in March of 2018.  Looking at what Microsoft and Databricks have accomplished so far, I can testify that it is a thing of beauty.  Get ready for a very practical tool for Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Analysts that makes handling the challenges of Big Data Processing and its security easy.  This platform is definitely here to stay so go ahead and create a free trial account and start experimenting TODAY.

Please check out the video below for a brief introduction to Azure Databricks Cloud Services and stay tuned for my next blog where I bring to you a breakdown of why Apache Spark is the perfect Big Data Processing Platform.