We're Hiring for a true Software Programmer

By Fred Mastropasqua - November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015 By Fred Mastropasqua

We're Hiring for a true Software Programmer

Clearly Agile is hiring a General Software Programmer with a Focus on Mobile

Official Title: Team Member Level II

Join a team of professional developers who are passionate about their jobs and love working in an environment that encourages the adoption of cutting edge technologies and cross-training. We care about our developers by fostering an environment that they can thrive in and by providing whatever tools and training necessary to get the job done. We are looking for developers eager to expand their knowledge with existing or new technologies such as angularJS, Javascript, Bootstrap, .NET, Xamarin, iOS Swift, Obj-C, Android, Java, WebAPI2, Azure, C# and Entity Framework. Working in a highly open and collaborative environment, where we Pair-Programming and follow a Scrum/XP style of methodology. Where everyone's ideas and opinions are heard and counted!

What we're looking for is someone who can be taught and is willing to learn and not be stuck in their old ways. Willing to try new things. Skills in some area of development with the aptitude to learn other areas and put their all into it. Starting out in the mobile space and then moving also into the server and web application space. Our desires are for you to have Passion for the work you do

  • Mobile Experience - Android or iOS experience with familiarity in the opposite
  • .NET C# Experience or some other Back-End Server Technology
  • angularJs or equivalent Framework or solid JavaScript experience a plus
  • A Computer Science Degree/Background
    *A mindset and culture that fits with the rest of us
  • A willingness to Pair Program and use a Test Driven Development methodology
  • Daily Office Time. Working in the office every day, no remote work.
  • A desire and willingness to work on new skills and technologies

What you'll be doing is working on various client facing and internal facing projects. Every client has different needs and so every client has different technology needs as well. Sometimes you'll be working alone and a lot of the time you'll be working alongside and pairing side-by-side on the same machine with another developer. Those job duties include

  • Design, develop and test new functionality on new or existing projects.
  • Initially focused on iOS and Android native development
  • Expanding development to web-application in angularJs and C#
  • Work the product backlog for new features, bugs and tweaks to existing features
  • Provide input on new designs and architecture as needed
  • Develop a well-tested, high performance, scale-able SAAS application
  • Stay current on new technologies and best practices
  • Pair-Program with another colleague
  • Work in technologies in which you are unfamiliar and learn it
  • Solve advanced programming problems using Google and figure it out

Location: Tampa, Ybor Area

About The Company

Clearly Agile, Inc. is a small Tampa, Florida based software development shop that is passionate about quality and working with others who are passionate about getting the job done right. We are focused on providing a proper work/life balance. In that we do not work remote, we work in the office and as a team. However, we do not take work home with us. When you leave the office you are done. We have intensive work days and there's not a need to every take work home. We develop working production software every two weeks for various clients.

Our Mission: We will forge long-lasting partnerships with our clients, foster transparency and have fun while we build the "baddest" software on the planet!

Our Values:

  • Never compromise on Quality.
  • Be Transparent in all things.
  • Promote Cross-Functional team members.
  • Collaborate with everyone, especially the client.
  • Be a Sherpa (aka Guides).
  • We will Fail and make mistakes but we will Learn from them.
  • Embrace Change and be clearly agile. Pun intended.

Visit our website (www.clearlyagileinc.com), YouTube or follow @ClearlyAgileInc on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Clearly Agile, Inc. offers a competitive compensation and benefit package including 3-weeks of paid time off (day one), 12 paid holidays and a healthcare reimbursement program. Plus the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas off!

We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to a diverse workforce.
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